The man who live without paper money and use dinar dirham instead

30 Jun

Sufian(Dinar Activist):

In the year 200, I open a bank account, I thought it would be easier to do transaction that way, i receive money into my account, I had cheques and so on. I thought it would be convenient. I had a credit card and could withdraw money from an ATM.

But I soon realized that the bank offered no advantages, thats when I decided to close my account since 2004. Because I noticed, that I was losing more money by the buying power value. I had the same amount of money but less spending power. So I decided to take ALL my money out of my account and exchange it into dinar & dirham.

Since then we’ve seen 20-25% inflation, but my capital value remains it value, but the Rupiah value increased. Thats how I manage to protect my money (wealth)…If I had left my money in the bank, I would have lost a large amount of money

Journalist: Are you angry at the banking system?

Sufian (Dinar Activist): No, I am not angry at the banking system, because it is organized well, but why do we give up our ‘freedom’ to be controlled by other people the way we don’t want it to be? That is why, I say that the Dinar & Dirham movement is a moral movement towards TOTAL FREEDOM


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