Dinar Dirham & Inflation

30 Jun


Zaim: One of the function of currency is to save, but we must remember the reason why we save  – is to STORE ITS VALUE.  If I save on a goat, of cause 5 years later, it should value a goat. So if we invest/save on our wealth, it should store its value. But paper money cannot be ‘saved’ its value. because when Indoensia gained freedom,  if we have 5000 Rupiah, we can buy 2 and half kilogram of gold, but now, if we save for 60 years, 5000Rupiah , we can only get a cup of coffee?. But if we save in Dinar or Dirham, even the dinar that is already 1000years already, if we spend it, can get the same value. In other words, there is no better way to save (our wealth) using Dinar & Dirham.

Journalist: What is the benefits of Dinar Dirham?

In paper money form, the increase of gold value is around 20-25% per year,  But if we look at it as to store the value, it seems like the increase of Rupiah is 20-25% per year.but in reality if we spend it, maybe the same value even in some ways it is profitable. For example,  when we go to Hajj, if we go for Hajj in 2000, we need 21 Million Rupiah, but today we need 35 Million Rupiah with 1% increase. But if we save in Dinar, in the year 200 we need 71 Gold Dinar, today we only need 16 Gold Dinar. Its a lot of difference, before we can go for one person, now we can go Hajj for 4 person – IF we save in Dinar but if we save in Rupiah……? Therefore in terms of storing its value, there is no better option than in gold dinar & silver dirham

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